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About Us

Samachara.com is an independent digital media making all-out effort to bring unconventionality into journalism in the state of Karnataka. Samachara digs deep into the subject independently to shove uncluttered, unbiased, uninfluenced stories. As is the motto of Samachara’s journalism is independent, its stories are also absolutely independent.We have Independent of ideological affiliation, political affiliation and corporate affiliation.

However, Samachara takes a firm stand on issues related to women, children and vulnerable section of society. In Samachara’s each story, it tries to provide educative and thought provoking angles.

Birth And Vision

Getting stanchly disenchanted with mainstream journalism culture, a young scribe gave a serious thought to build an alternative and unconventional journalism in the state of Karnataka. Samachara does not have a glittering story to narrate about its birth. The Samachara was started in a single room with one laptop. However, the first story published for the launch of the website was investigative news story. Prior going on air, small-scale promotional activities were carried out in social media, Facebook.

A key aim of the Samachara is to spell change in the arena of journalism which is disproportionately market-driven and marred with unethical practices. Samachara feels change can happen only at a right time with the coming together of right minds having genuine ideas.

We are presently at a time of frenzied reportage, fabricated information dissimilation and commodification of journalism. The ethics of media is being purchased by vested interests through monetary luring in order to satisfy the apatite of power. The corruption is rooting strongly in the news rooms eventually rotting the entire system of journalism. Samachara envisions setting a new standard for journalism discourse in the digital platform.

This online news venture mulls to unravel many untold stories, spread light on sections those are still in dark, investigate media houses, frame right perspectives and bring unconventionality in reportage. Samachara aims to explore new possibilities in reporting styles with the advent of fast developing technology.

General public, particularly a large section of television and online news viewers are of the opinion that news media harbour lies. There are many instances of people expressing discontent over anchoring and reporting ways. Samachara will engage such disappointed chunk of people in view of providing alternative journalism and gradually shift those from rent-quote, shouting-match, unhealthy debates, concocted, politically enslaved and jingoistic kind of journalism.

Samachara has a concrete action plan and a well thought clarity in its aims and objectives. Samachara will also produce some historic stories those are fresh to Indian journalism. Samachara’s ideology is ethical and pious journalism.

The Independent and Public Spirited Media Foundation has provided financial support to the People Media Foundation for the purpose of reporting and publishing stories of public interest. IPSMF does not take any legal or moral responsibility whatsoever for the content published by PMF on their website samachara.com or on any of its other platforms.