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Hindu Mahasabha comes down heavily on Narendra Modi’s demonetisation

Hindu Mahasabha comes down heavily on Narendra Modi’s demonetisation

Lack of preparedness, poor execution and immiserisation of millions of people are distressing phenomenon to witness albeit demonetisation by Prime Minister Narendra Modi led BJP government is carried out with a good objective.

Outspoken Ambika Nayak minced no words while expressing her views on demonetisation in her interview to Samachara. Incumbent state (Karnataka) president of controversial Hindu Maha Sabha, Ambika said India had undergone demonetisation phase back in 1978, and failed delivering its charted objectives. Rs 1000, 5000, 10,000 lost legal tender then.

Ambika quickly compared 1978 demonetisation and Narendra Modi’s. “Back then PM Morarji Desai of Janata Party sat at the helm riding anti-incumbency particularly generated by emergency imposed by Indira Gandhi. His idea was to empty the hands of the Congress. In a similar way, Modi has rolled out demonetisation keeping in view of Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat polls. This to empty the hands of opposition forces up against his party.”

While move will certainly curb counterfeit currency, Ambika thinks thriving of shadow money or black money sees no end. Shrewd businessmen never stash black money or burry it underground. Black money in hiding is as equal as demonetised 500/1000. Only if it is left to circulation, it is profitable. In circulation means, black money hoarders are making all efforts to convert it into white. It is a simple logic which Bhakts cannot see it as they are totally eclipsed by 56-inch chest.

Immiserisation of millions of people

Poor preparation and execution of new policy have rendered common people suffer for cash. “Look at the serpentine queues; people are dying waiting in queues. Who is responsible for this large-scale mess?” Ambika asks in an emotional voice. She hit out at Bhakts, who are taking Army men as reference and saying when Jawans can guard the nation, standing 24/7, why can’t common people stand in queues for little amount of time. Ambika said “this is rubbish.”

In homes, those have family save some amount of cash to use it for emergency. These are non-monetised cash. They save for medical emergency, marriage, education and others. In a country like India marriage is a costly affaire. Many who were preparing for marriages are suffering except that former minister Janardhan Reddy who spent 500 corers. “From where did he got money of such scale? Why BJP leaders attended the wedding? This exposes the double standards of the BJP, she stressed.

The union has claimed terror funding will stop. “See… people operating here source money from Middle East through online transactions.” Funding will continue unabated unless government comes out with stern measures.

Metros are the badly hit areas. Labourers migrate from many parts of the country to earn daily bread and butter to Metro cities. They have started re-migrating now as some builders have no money to pay. Usually they are paid through cash. Given the current scenario, builders are busy in depositing money in accounts. But some are managing by opening bank account to laborers.

Demonetisation is good in some cases as for some time flow of money during elections will stop. Those who have stashed money will lose money. But market is plummeting. This county is placed at 3rd position in terms of GDP. Business has virtually frozen. If this continues for months then India will slip down in ranking. India is a complex country, while taking big step, a meticulous preparation is needed, Ambika concluded.

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