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Country’s prominent BMTC has no data management on accidents

Country’s prominent BMTC has no data management on accidents

Close on the heels of Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) faced flak for delay in implementation of its much touted smart card to commuters, RTI (Right to Information) documents reveal yet another example of department’s apathy and poor administration.

RTI document procured by a BMTC conductor N Srinivas and accessed by independent news media Samachara, shows BMTC does not maintain any ledger or log book and computerised data on break downs and accidents of buses in the city. This has thrown spotlight on callousness of the country’s one of the prominent corporation that is recipient of many awards.

Photo capture of RTI document

Photo capture of RTI document

BMTC in an RTI response said accident wing of the department does not maintain any data or documents on break downs or accidents of BMTC buses. This was the response by the department given to a question “details on accidents maintained in accident wing’s maintenance book.”

On the other hand, there are allegations that vehicle that ferry’s accident attendants reach late to accident spots or spots where buses break down. Even for this vehicle (KA 01 F 4227) too, the department does not have any log book to maintain departure and arrival time from the point it leaves. Moreover, there is no data pertaining to vehicle reaching the point and details of their operation at the accident place.

Photo grab of another RTI paper

Photo grab of another RTI paper

What is more worrisome apart from this apathetic functioning of accident wing is poor storage capacity of footages of surveillance camera placed in accident wing’s main gate. According to details provided by the security cell of the BMTC, hard disk has the capacity of storing only footages up to 15 days. Footage of any untoward incident occurred before 15 days will be unavailable for recovery.

However, the BMTC does have a data on number of accidents or break downs.  But it does not have specific details on what actually happened to BMTC buses- nature of accidents, cause of accidents, cause for break down, steps taken to clear the bus to move away from the road, accident claims and others.

The Public Relation officer of the BMTC speaking to this news website said he has no information on this aspect and he asked to approach concerned official.

However, official contacted said the department maintains accident details and question asked in the RTI might be little out of context. He added he is not the competent authority to give statements and demanded anonymity in the report.

Number of accidents in 2016 (June to November)

June – 24

July- 18

August- 31

September- 17

October -23

November- 25

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