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Going beyond Tanvir Seth; exploring link – sex, power and politics!

Going beyond Tanvir Seth; exploring link – sex, power and politics!

A fictitious character from an American political drama web television series – Frank Underworld, who was yet-to-be-vice-president, after enjoying illicit sexual pressure with a scribe (Lady Journalist) says – “a great man once said, everything in this world is sex, except sex. Sex is power. That great man is Irish erudite play-writer, Oscar Wilde.
Public Tv Screen Grab from nov. 10.

Kannada Television Public TV Screen Grab dated Nov. 10.

The latest development in Karnataka’s political circle may throw back memory to sex scandals involving tall politicians. Kannada news television media for a day was abuzz discussing about Primary and Higher Education Minister, Tanvir Seth who got caught on camera scrolling alleged obscene pictures of females in his mobile at a public program, while opposition parties are demanding resignation from the minister.

If we take a quick look back at sex scandals and porn obsession involving politicians in India, there is a long list of such. In the recent past, in Karnataka, MLAs from BJP – Krishna Palemar, Lakshman S Savadi, C C Patil were caught watching porn content in the assembly. On the other hand, Harathal Halappa and Raghupathi Bhat, in two different incidents, were seen in a compromising position with a ‘company of woman’.

Politics, power and sex seems to be an explosive cocktail. From Gopal Kande to Suresh Ram and Abhishek Manu Singhvi to N D Tiwari, India has seen as many as 15-20 sex scandals of high-profile politicians. This trail of sex and politics is intriguing and sparks a question on whether sex and politics are correlated? Or has politics and power got to do something with sex. Tanvir’s is just another instance of this complex relation. What actually makes these public figures to engage in scandalous behavior?

C S Chandrashekar, a Bengaluru based psychiatrist opines sex is a natural phenomenon, while veteran journalist Gowri Lankesh is of a view that people with power and money loves to experiment with danger. According to Chandrashekar politicians are lustful because they have a high tendency to seek pleasure. Money and power leads them to abuse both former and latter. “It is not that politicians are sexually deprived; it is just plain and simple – they love to seek extreme pleasure.

Representative Image (Courtesy:

Representative Image (Courtesy:

He further explains, in a rush of lust, they gradually forget morality laid down by the sane society and continue to abuse power engaging in sleazy sexual activities. However, he stressed that sex is natural tendency and carnal desire is not just confined to politicians alone. Money and power are two key forces pull them into scandalous events more often as compare to common people.

Gowri Lankesh, Editor of Lankesh Patrike says sex is common denominator among humans. On part of politicians and powerful people, they love to experiment with danger. Money power encourages them to take a chance.  Lankesh at the same time sees the whole idea of sex in a distinct way. “It is natural with humans to experiment with sex as sex is a driving force. Common people and media hype it since the subject is salacious to discuss and sex sells better than anything.

It may be recalled that Lankesh herself had published political sex scandals in her political weekly of Karnataka, Gowri Lankesh Patrike.

Another psychiatrist, Dr Mashesh relates excessive porn watching behaviour to Impulse Discontrol Disorder (IDD) and Addictive Personality. Even watching objectionable pictures too fall in the same area. He opines that “sexual obsession, porn obsession cannot be generalised with politicians. Humans are prone to these from the bygone era.

A senior editor of a Kannada news media laughed loud when asked about sexo-political history of Karnataka and correlation existing between politics, power and sex. “Power and money pounce on politicians and they start illicit sexual relationships. From J H Patel to Ramakrishna Hegde to current politicians this trait has passed on from generations.” Devil lurks in the minds of politicians when they are drunk on power and money.

According to a recent study, narcissists preoccupy their time in watching porn. A study by University of Houston–Clear Lake revealed that egoistic bunch of people seek reprieve in porn. It is no doubt that many politicians suffer from narcissism and this could have also been the reason behind enjoying porn irrespective space they sit in.

Tanvir’s is a one among many such incidents. Rather hyping the issue, media has a responsibility to dig deep into this complex web of philandering to extract reasons to put out valid answers in the public domain. After all these are just human shortcomings.

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